Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time in Hospital de Orbiga

Usually at the albergues the lights go off at 10pm and they go on again at 6am. In the beautiful San Antonio de Pauda Albergue, where the washing was done and all meals served, and lovely meals they were too (best dinner for any Albergue to date!), this didn't happen. This morning I woke up when people started to go to the toilet at what I thought were ungodly times. Eventually the light came on. Turned out it was past 7am... I have a 32km day today. So I rushed... Well, with a breakfast with liquid chocolate, muesli, cocopops,... How could I rush. So eventually I left at around 9am with clean and dried laundry in my pack. I even ditched the foam rock (which i'd picked up yesterday) as it was shedding too much foam, probably should've taken a pic of it first, looked funny strapped to my huge backpack looking like a 10kg rock.

When I came to Hospital de Orbigo ( where the knight fought hundreds of battles to show his love for an ungrateful maiden I got into my backpack and discovered a wet patch.... To my horror I discovered that I had not only forgotten to empty and clean my spitting cup, I'd shoved in my diabetic supplies into it and packed it into my  mash meds bag into my backpack... Time to stop. I booked into the first Hostal I found, on the other side of the river, and called it a day. Been kind of fighting a cold and my legs are pretty sore, certainly not fit for a 32km day. Th bridge is the longest bridge on the Camino. Build by the Romans before a dam significantly reduced the width of the river.

And so I ended up aborting my day around about 1pm...

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Walter you are doing such an inspirational challenge for both abled & disabled people. Yes it is a lot, lot, harder than you had ever thought. You are not well, your body is telling you to take more time, so take it, reflect on all the positives along the way & deflect the negatives. You are doing a brilliant job, you can do it, just BREATH !!!!

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