Friday, September 25, 2020

A minute and a half Bacteriophage Promo!

Finally, after many months of hard work, we have something to show you :)  It's not much, but I have now got myself a Mac with iMovie and with the help of my brother learned the basics. Not quite the documentary I was after, but now that I am learning... that may come later! In the meantime to stimulate interest in Bacteriophages and make people Google the topic, ask their doctor and research their infection and bacteriophages we have this easy to digest clip!

What is very clear to me, and I knew this all along, that no matter how good the story is in your head, no matter how good a computer or tools you have, if you are not a documentary maker you can't just become one! Same with wannabe book authors, no matter how good a word processor, voice dictation, dictionary,... even with the best story you cannot become a successful author overnight. I have tried hard to find skilled people to help me do a documentary and use the footage and the story, but it is hard to find people to do it. So now I am trying to forge ahead myself in any case. Wish me luck!

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