Monday, October 14, 2013

Some more pics

Magically my phone had trouble turning on up at the Cruz de Ferro. Two other people also had camera related technostress up there. I guess it is not the place for it! I did get some photos fortunately! Anyways, I spoke to Ree on Viber and she reminded me I was going to leave my CF band up there, which I did just before leaving. Just then a tour bus (yes, WTF!) had appeared with German tourists and as I was taking a photo of my Live the Dream CF bracelet a tourist was stepping on it... Anyways, that is how it is. People walk on top of the pile of rocks and items that people leave up there. The team had also left our CF postcard there I was glad to see! 

When I walked down and saw a friend who asked me how it was I burst into tears, just like lots of other people.. I still don't understand why this El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage makes people cry. We do, I do. For little things, for sometimes no reason. Weird stuff.

We see lots of flowers. Mostly I enjoy the purple crocuses popping up from the grass, the blackberries we stop to eat, the apples and grapes, and sometimes pears. 
We follow the yellow arrows that people have put up everywhere, some on the official Camino blocks like above, sometimes in obscure places. Occasionally we miss the track and find it back, some pilgrims not realising they are off the track for miles. Painful extra miles. Some even catch a taxi back! 

Here is Kath at the end of a 25km walk, feeling sore and sorry in the rain. We were very pleased to see the Molinaseca sign when we came out of the mountains.

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