Friday, January 21, 2011

Take5 Magazine

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That's right, my wish has been granted! I have now successfully collected $4095 for CF Tasmania!

Great publicity to have me in a nationwide magazine like Take5! I hope people who read it will register as an organ donor with Medicare after they read it, or donate something straight to CF via the link.

Happy happy happy, but what is my next adventure??? Always open to suggestions! Just leave a comment or email me at Do remember I am always strapped for $$$, so my original plan/dream to venture across Greenland's melting icecap (Coughing on Thin Ice) was just not feasible... yet!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011


As far as I can see we were the winners! Although not traditionally, we were recognised as the oldest crew. I handed out some CF postcard propaganda on the last day educating people about CF and urging people to register as organ donors and donate to CF. We came about 30th in a field of 35. I was by far the least experienced crew, and when we came 24th in the last heat I was most impressed.

Also discovered that my books are available on Booktopia! Coughing the Distance is for sale for $25.50 including postage in Australia, and Walter and the Mucous Monsters is for sale at $21.40. Of course you can always email me and receive the DVD documentary free when ordering both books for $45 including postage. Of course you can find these titles on Amazon as well!

Keep an eye on this site to see what I am planning next! In 2012 I am still keen to do the El Camino de Santiago walk in Spain... Sponsors apply within!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The end is nigh!

Unbelievable, time has flown. Only
one more race, and the Nationals are over. No better way than to dive into the deep end like I did. I learned quickly and destroyed the
minimum number of sails (one jib and two spinnakers), and still kept the skipper happy with my performance somehow. I have learned techniques and skills and although still feeling a little keel-hauled I will get over it.

Health is remarkably good, must be all the salt water/air (both of which I consumed copiously) and the exercise that went with it! Can highly recommend sailing to people with CF, but maybe refrain from starting in a national titles!

Contact your local sailing club and attend a class.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Past half way!

Slowly climbing up the ladder. Jim and I have tuned our GM14 with the help of seasoned sailors. We are working together and my hands are preparing for some serious calluses and a six-pack is slowly appearing where my
belly used to be.

Cascade Premium Light is the beer of choice here.

Two more days of racing. I am back onto muesli and weatbix breakfasts and feeling up to it!

Have you visited your Medicare branch yet to register as an organ donor or donated to CF Tasmania? Now is as good as ever.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

No worries (ship) mate!

Lots of rain soaked
many tents, but all survived. As the other happy campers had proper breakfast Jim raced off to get the sail fixed and get some odd bits and pieces. We had breaky at MacDonalds.

Rains eased off at noon an wind picked up. We were on the water from 12-5pm again for two back to back races. We DNF one race for a variety of inexplicable reasons, but didn't finish last on the last one!

Better wind, more experience, sunscreen and a change of gloves and booties made for much less painful experience.

Six pack has hardened up, pain has gone and we are on our way to glory!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sun going down on a great day!

Wow, what a terrific experience. Beer and barbie never tasted so good!

Burned and scraped

Wow golly... For lack of stronger adjectives. I renewed my respect for these trailer sailer skiffs. These are not toys, these are made for torture!

Thank goodness we made it home in one piece! I'd not realized we'd be in the water so long. Two races back to back. We were in the water from 12-5. I am a little bruised, scraped and burned, but it was absolutely awesome!

After injecting the wrong insulin in the
morning I recovered with loads of sugar. Lots of cereal for breakfast followed by 2 burgers with the lot and I was ready for anything!

Phew, three more days of this, that is if the boat survives my novice means. So far we have capsized twice and ripped two sails. I need a beer!


Camping at the yacht club with all the other 'young people'. I try and convince them that my morning huffing and puffing is ok.

I am pretty sure everybody knows I have Cystic Fibrosis already. Both Jim the skipper and me both wear our Realise the Dream bracelets.

Abelia Botox

> Abelia Botox at Lake Illawarra - anyone got a clue on how to sail this old lady??? Botox refers to the many alterations she has had in her life.

The previous adventure!

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