Saturday, January 14, 2012


The executive decision has been taken. The El Camino adventure in Spain will now happen in 2013, and this year the plan is to cycle 5000 kilometers from Hanoi in Vietnam through Bangkok down to Singapore.

Starting from Hanoi on Saturday 1 September 2012, and arriving Singapore 1 December 2012. The twist for this ride is that we are planning to ride ELECTRIC ASSIST bicycles! This means each bicycle will have 30-40 kilometers of TAILWIND in a battery to help us  up hills and make riding easier. The average day will be 65 kilometers, and we may not get a recharge each night. Although I intend to ride the entire distance, we plan to have a support vehicle as well.

Currently looking for more participants of any fitness level, bicycles, sponsors and other sources of funding. We like to have a support vehicle ride with us, so there will be opportunity to cheat a little.

We are doing this to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. It may result in another documentary/book if we receive enough interest. email for info.

If you like to see what it is like to cycle such trip have a look at Rebecca and Ryan's blog. They are riding from the UK to NZ right now. Read this bit for instance.
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