Monday, December 3, 2012

We say Cheers

We say Cheers to Frank who has bought the original Zoco Electric Bicycle that reliably took me from Vietnam to Singapore. Across 5100 kilometers of challenging terrain, through monsoonal rains, potholes, mud, highways and backroads, beaches and highways... The Tasmanian CF Association can expect a decent donation this week as the bicycle was donated for the cause by Zoco! Cheers Frank!

The Dutch Jans Herbal Friendship drink was served on our arrival in Singapore. Jans was the major sponsor of one of the Devonport fundraisers. We have now finished the last drop of Jans, and are looking for more now...

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Jans the Friendship Drink

The Zoco Electric bike that reliable transported me from Vietnam to Singapore through monsoonal rains, potholes, mud and everything, has been sold to a new appreciative owner. The Tasmanian CF Association can expect another handsome donation in the next few days as this bike was kindly donated by Zoco for our Cystic Fibrosis awareness/fundraising ride. And don't worry, I am still the proud owner of a new one myself! We say cheers to Frank the new owner:

Jans the friendship drink was also served in Singapore at the Hollandse Club for our arrival. I am just finishing the last drop of it at home! Remind me to order a new bottle....

Photos along the way

Because I used a (Pentax) GPS enabled travel camera all the photos show up exactly where they were taken on the map. Pretty cool! Have a look at and all the photos are 'geotagged'. It also gives a nice overview of exactly where we rode.
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The previous adventure!

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