Friday, July 3, 2015

Bibbulmun Association Irresponsible and pigheaded

Why would the Bib.Foundation be so pigheaded and stubborn to not look at why not all hikers are able to follow track diversion. Don't they have concern for hikers' safety? Can they not improve on their diversion markings and amend their procedures. Why do they not want to know which parts are inadequately marked and how they could improve safety? We could give them some easy pointers from first hand experience, some of which could have landed us in real danger, but NO, they think we were  reckless and ill intending purposefully ignoring diversions and not deserving of their petty certificate. Maybe they should read some of the log books in the shelters and take note, or have a look at how even the Scouts and dozens of people don't make sense of some of them and maybe learn why. Yes, I am very upset about their attitude and I think they owe us an apology.

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