Saturday, September 29, 2012

Slackers about to hit the road again

Our 2 days off in Siam Reap became three after one of the bikes came back from Bo Bo the bike shop man with its motor not functioning. We do not suspect that the affable Mr B and his team of lads were to blame - it was just one of those things, probably water getting into the power switch somehow. Many thanks yet again to Shaun for providing spares and telling us what to do with them! And we recommend Bo Bo to anyone buying, hiring, repairing or needing spares or accessories for bikes. Find him at

Paradoxically, having spent a day getting the bike going, we now have nobody to ride it as Cindy will  have to leave us in the morning to take Mr That's tuk-tuk to the airport to fly to Bangkok and thence back home. The bike will have to go with Lucky in a taxi until we can rendezvous with Katrina somewhere near the Thai border, where we also hope to meet one or more members of the Thai Cycling Club, who have offerred to give us aid and assistance. Many thanks to Suki in Bangkok for setting that connection in motion.

It's been a much needed rest, and the visit to Angkor Wat was terrific, even in the rain. But the tarmac beckons...........

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