Saturday, September 8, 2012

View from Bike-Chi

Hi. Jim here. Because we don't have enough electric bikes to go around I have relegated myself to a manual bike; a women's single speed like just about every bike in Vietnam.
It has a top cruising speed of around 24 kph compared to around 30kph for the Zocos but they both require pedalling!

Even so my job is easier than Walter's. I don't need to spend the hour or so each morning coughing, i don't need to refuel regularly with a proper meal that diabetics with c.f. have to have.

I just leave a bit earlier and have quicker meal breaks, then hope that the thin humid air will be easy again to push through. All this works in my favour; meanwhile Walter is out there for just as long, but in the hotter part of the day. Then when we finally arrive Walter has to turn around and organise the coughing for CF side of things plus hold our wonderfully madcap team together! Get on the next(?) Walter tour if you can,you will have a ball! Jim.
Ed. In between the frequent snack stops we also stop for lunch, and in the mean time Jim is pedalling Bike-Chi (it's name)... Jim usually beats us to our destination somehow. We suspect he bought Bike-Chi from a witch.


Unknown said...

5 days down 10 to go & I'm counting.
Can't wait to get outta here & meet you all.Just haven't cycled for so long, my butts going to be sore.

ren said...

You are ALL amazing! Well done!

Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Eleanor, you're looking a little pale? Remember only eat the outside of the ice :) xx

Eleanor Blaney said...

Ree, it's because I've eaten so much rice, I'm beginning to look like it...

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