Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2

For some reason I mapped this day to be a shorter one... But the hotel our support driver Nam wanted to take us to was 104km away. Eleanor rode Jim's bike and Jim procured a no-gears situp-and-beg-bike so he didn't have to sit in the support vehicle! We gave him a 30 minute head start everyone we stopped! All up we averaged 23.5 km/hr and rode for 4hrs in mud and pot holes.

Lunch was at Kim Oahn restaurant in in Thanh Hoa. They were so impressed with what we were doing that the owner gave us free lunch!! What a nice surprise! And the food... It was a banquet fit for kings and even catered for Eleanor and Mark, our two vegetarians!

Now we are in a nice looking hotel with noone in it. This may be due to warm beer served with ice!

Our Koolit aloe vera gel came in very handy as the sun is scorching us!


Anonymous said...

Go team go!!!!!

Mark and Karina

ren said...

To tell people you are vegetarian, you say " toi anh chay" (pr. toyy un jay)

Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Hey I recognise that bum, go Wally, Power to You !!! How nice to get a free lunch. HUGE congrats to all the team you are all Super Heroes, Captained of course by Everyday Hero Walter. Careful of those trucks, buses & puddles.

Alexine said...

(Mark, the human battery :D)
The photos are awsome! And I like the descriptive blogs... they're funny!
Im so glad to see that you are having fun, getting a tan :P and that your safe...
I hope to see ALOT More photos :)
I love you. Ally xoxo

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