Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 3 - Thai Hoa to Pho Chau

Yesterday we rode135kms along the HCM Trail Highway, and it was bliss. Few cars, lots of school children along the road, life-stock, great road surface, nice scenery... We couldn't ask for more. Well, one trucky decided to scare us by heading for us at high speed, making us dive for cover.

The rolling hills gently took us from just over 110m to maybe about 40m, meaning we had no significant climbs! Going up the hills with the Zoco Electric Assist helping us along is not that hard, but the fact remains that we pedalled for almost 6 hours at 23.9kmph and that is a long time to be perched on a bike. Our buts are a little tender... Well, mine is.

We arrived in Pho Chau in time for our flag waving reception. Hundreds of children were marching along the main street, the only street, waving big Vietnamese flags. One can only assume our reputation precedes us.

the hotel Nam choose for us was the best looking one, and probably the only one, around. It promised Thai Massages and looked grand.

Like most out of the way remote Vietnamese Towns this was no different. Spartan air-conditioned rooms with no bedside lights, minimal bedding, mini pillow and hanky size towel. None of these matter to us as long as there are power-points for us to charge our exhausted battery's and (hard) beds for our tired bodies. food is quite hard to find too, but we eventually found some noodle soup and fried pork bits between 2 restaurants.

This morning it is plummeting rain again, the norm it seems,

And yes, I tried the massage, but I must say the two I've had on the ride so far make me wonder if I should just save my $7. My neck is killing me, the girls are way too young to be competent. I've had to refuse a 14yr old, making her feel rejected. The thought of a daily massage was a great thought.

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

You are really putting the km's under you belt, maybe a rest day in a nice town would be good. Very sad that the farmers send their daughters out to massage +++ tourists. In the cities, i.e. Hanoi & Ho Chi Min, the massage outlets are crawling with young beautiful farm girls, v sad. Better to pay Jim (Physiotherapist) to work on your neck. Lots of Love, x Go team, rest day soon, PLS :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you said butt

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