Thursday, September 6, 2012

Water is Life

It was bound to happen, and today was the day. Rain. Lots of it. We managed 73kms and my eye balls have never felt so clean. The biggest casualty was Walter’s passport. Through a plastic cover and ‘waterproof’ bag, in three hours Wally’s identity became a mere water-colour stain...

But really, perhaps today was Vietnam explaining herself a little more to us. Water is life here - rice paddies, floating villages, fisherman, monsoons, the water buffalo and expansive rivers... today we peddled along to the musical chorus of illusive bull frogs.

The rain is clearly affecting the power in our hotel tonight - I’m typing this in the dark and I now realise just how many insects are in my room as they are swarming over my screen. Fingers crossed power returns so the bike’s batteries charge in time - big climbs tomorrow.

Tonight, for $10 a room, I’m grateful I have a bed, a (cold) shower and a towel to dry with, even though it IS the size of a tea towel. Wally and Al are particularly lucky as they got (tea) towels that must have got caught on the line, all day. Oh well.

More rain is forecast, but we say, bring it on. It’s all part of the adventure (until we get to the beach, that is).


ren said...

Omg, hope it wasn't my pink waterproof bag that failed you! Pink things are supposed to be so reliable!

Walter said...

It was a brand new quality brand name bicycle steering wheel carrier bag with a custom rain cover which was used!!! I don't even bother with a raincoat, as you get ŵet no matter what!!

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