Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Resting day

What a journey. We struggled into HoiAn and found the Vinh Hung Riverside Resort. Totally over the top luxury compared to what we've had anywhere. Eleanor will write about the actual riding, and I'll just say I arrived missing my cycling gloves and lacking health. After a day here it was apparent I needed one more before leaving, and that was an easy decision. Thanks to sponsorship from Devonport's Kentish Funerals we could have a good rest in peace here.

Finding bicycle gloves is next to impossible here. Even buying a bicycle bell is a challenge. But the friendly owners of Heaven and Earth bicycle tours happen to have one pair hiding I their home and sold them to me for a very friendly price. Maybe not the perfect size, but without gloves my sweaty hands can't even change gears on the bike! They also helped me chase down a new SIM card for a phone. Without speaking vietnamese nothing is simple! Anyways, if you like cycling and are heading for vietnam do checkout Pascal and his lovely wife at www.vietnam-bicycle.com

Maybe I'll ride my bike past them and see if they can sort out where my big squeak comes from!

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