Sunday, September 23, 2012


Well, today was a bit of hard work. We left Trang Bang for the Cambodian border about 30km away, loading all the bags into a taxi organised by Sreymom (Mom). When we got there, there she was sitting having coffee next to our huge pile of baggage, which was then all loaded onto a moped - no space for driver so they pushed it across the border and put it in a Cambodian cab.

Then things started to go just a little pear-shaped. We got through immigration fine, Walter even managing to use his watercolour passport to both leave Vietnam and enter Cambodia. The we were ready to have lunch and set off for a town about 40 odd km away as planned. But Mom had got her wires a bit crossed and arranged the cab to come to  Neak Loeung - 100km away....

So we bolted lunch and pedalled off, trying to keep up a good pace but not use too much battery (we had a spare each, but the 2 extra ones were in the cab. Hardly stopped for over 6 hours, battling a headwind, at least an hour in the dark. Luckily the Cambodian roads, or at least this Route One, are in much better nick than the Vietnamese ones - no potholes to dodge in the dark, traffic light, though fast, and drivers give us a very wide berth. So we made it to this rather grotty hotel, dead tired and with nearly everything aching, and that's all I have the stamina to report.


Connie said...

Thanks Alastair for keeping us so well informed! I appreciate every word you write and I am very grateful for that! Keep well, be careful and Good Luck! I admire each one of you!!

Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Ah Cindy, your poor legs, hope the rub/massage helped, shorter day for the team today. Can't get any harder? Hopefully & hopefully your shower was better than Wally & Als, yuk! Goodluck :)

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