Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back on line

A welcome patch of shade on a really hot day - we get through buckets of sugary drinks......

Sorry no post yesterday - hotel wifi not exactly as advertised (they advertised it would work, but it didn't).

Yesterday turned into a loooong day. We had agreed with Mom to ride about 80km to Skun, which didn't sound too arduous, so we pottered about in PP variously seeing a museum, visiting a bike shop (one with a lot more enthusiasm than expertise) and generally not being very focused, finally getting ready to leave about 11, whereupon Mom announced that there was no hotel there and we had to go another 40. Which in real life turned out to be 53. 133km with an 11 o'clock start is going some, and sure enough we did the last hour and a half in the dark. It was worse than the previous time as this road had potholes, which we tried to spot using a combination of our lights - bright when viewed from the front but modest for seeing with - other cars' lights, our team mates' tail lights, and, for a while, copious amounts of lightning. Didn't do badly at all, and there was hardly any rain, though we still hit a pothole or two which after 100+km jars the sore bum considerably.

And why had we been pt through this ordeal? It's not that there were no hotels in Skun, just none with aircon and wifi. We have updated Mon's understanding of our needs and requirements - after all I am writing this a day late in a room without aircon or wifi and, thanks to Walter for figuring out my phone's 3G problem, I am both cool and online.


Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Great to have teamwork.
You are all doing a fantastic job under trying conditions :)

treefrogdemon said...

Ha, you are well cool, Al! xxx

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