Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mr. popular. 23 Oct, 2012.

Cycling south along the east coast of Terengganu gave us cool and steady onshore breezes, smooth road, sunshine and a ferry crossing that looked like a recently completed bridge. The freshly laid upward approach being the hill climbing event of the day. The sandy coastline stretched on and on and on, a prime turtle habitat.

Karina's search on Trip Advisor for attractions at our stopover in Dungun  had "no attractions or things to do".

Cycling along the coast two young and attractive ladies on a motorcycle pulled up alongside and asked in giggling broken English to take a photo of me. It became apparent they wanted to stop.  The surprise was that excitedly the ladies took turns taking pictures posing next to me. They were then surprised when asked to take a photo with my camera.

I've decided that having a day without monsoonal rain and being an exotic ethnic minority or mistaken for an attractive man or skinny foreigner in funny shorts, or mistaken celebrity in east Malaysia is rather pleasant.

Mark Collins.

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Anonymous said...

good old aussie charm works every time, eh Mark! Good blog guys. Ricky

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