Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just a few of the souvenirs we will not be bringing home....

Today there was no escape - it was the highway or the not-at-all way. At least the traffic is thinning out as we get further south, so we decided not to try and wiggle our way down unconfirmed side roads but just put the bikes on full power and pedal. Had to wait a while for a lunch stop as Walt had ordered three breakfasts at the hotel, in addition to his chocolate Muscle Milk, so didn't run out of fuel for a long time. Those who had signed up for the trip on the understanding that W needed to feed every couple of hours, and they could join in, were feeling a bit miffed, not to mention peckish.

We are in Nakhon si Thammarat tonight, in a hotel organised by the GA. At reception this morning another hotel had been booked, but a Portuguese/Thai couple overheard and said they knew that hotel, but knew another that was newer, nicer and cheaper. The Thai woman even called and booked it for us, and very comfy it is too.


Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Pray tell & what would be wrong with those fine souvenirs, lol.
Probably something I should have warned you about. If Wally has a very satisfying breakfast, low GI, he doesn't need to eat for hours, hmm guess you discovered that, chuckle.
Keep it up team, you'll all legends:)

Anonymous said...

Mark. Shall I begin negotiations for you to have that bike take a place in the National Museum in Canberra? Or, given the American experience with it, maybe the Smithsonian?
Great teamwork: without the i.t. support you might have been faced with the option of Bike Chi 3.
Safe riding south guys. Jim

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