Thursday, October 11, 2012


A brief study in comparative caninology in the Indochina region

by A Murray Taylor NRQ

It seems to me there are distinct national differences between the dogs we have encountered so far

The dogs in Vietnam are on the whole playful and fun-loving, often to be seen gambolling about by the road, chasing each other and behaving quite puppishly.

The dogs in Cambodia are nearly all asleep. As are a good many of the people, come to that.

The dogs in Thailand, however, are a hyperactive bunch, given to much barking and a good deal of bicycle chasing. We find ringing our bells often helps to make them pause long enough for us to escape.

An exception was the mutt who joined us yesterday as we sheltered from a downpour in a Buddhist assembly hall. He came in from the rain looking rather bedraggled and sat a while, obviously scared of the thunder. Then, as we tucked in to some munchies we bought at the 7-11 earlier (love those aircon 7-11s), we realised he had curled up under one of the terrazzo benches we were sitting on and gone to sleep.

I do hope our presence gave him comfort for a while.


treefrogdemon said...


Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Well to the commenttee under the heading "Dogs" from treefrogdemon came NRQ? Hmm is this the questionable nut??? lol
You should have taken Buddist doggie along as mascot :0)

treefrogdemon said...

Ree, I know who A Murray Taylor is (should do, he's my brother) but I don't know what NRQ stands for.

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