Friday, October 5, 2012

Bangkok behind us at last

It was a day of two halves......

Once again we bashed down the big highway for the first 40-odd km, until succour arrived in the form of the Cha Am beach short-cut road. This was much more our cup of tea and took us through villages, past prawn farms and salt pans and even avoided the black skies which were threatening in the afternoon.

Then to our dismay we were led - by the gps, which has a bit of a penchant for such things, back onto another 3 lane highway. Walt put up with this for a while, then in a masterly bit of gadget-juggling (his mates will know how well he does this) he managed to navigate by a sort of compromise between the gps and his iPhone, taking us down some picturesque little lanes and at one point a dirt track, to bring us neatly into Cha Am just as dusk was falling. Oh all right - it was dark, and we had just ridden through clouds of crepuscular insects which whacked into our faces in their thousands, despite the noble efforts of numerous bats to scoff them.

And what did we see in Cha Am, from a considerable distance? A stonking great 20 storey hotel, that's what. And guess where we turned out to be staying.....

We've promised ourselves a shorter day tomorrow to recover from Bangkok. Looks as if the road goes right along the coast so that should be nice......

1 comment:

Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Alastair you are the author of some fantastic childrens novels, we think you should make this Cycling in Vietnam an Adult Comedy, love it.
Things haven't changed with Walter & technology challenges & his is riding while toggling gadgets, just like when he's driving the car & riding the motor bike - look mum - no hands!
Everyone sounds much less stressed this leg :)

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