Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last night at Torbay hut we met the resident Bandicoot. Looked twice the size of the ones we get in Devonport, which I am sure is directly promotional to hikers food availability.

In the morning we left 8am, nice and early for our 17,5km walk to West Cape Howe. We saw two big lizards (blue tongue?) And a few curious roos who were not deterred by the awful rain and wind. We hiked up and down the lowly forested hills with great cape views and almost got blown off the track a few times. We stopped to boil a billy at noon which turned out to be lunch as there was no real shelter anywhere else and we arrived at the hut pretty cold, wet and tired around 230pm.

The GPS reports we walked for 4.5hrs, squandered about 2hrs and averaged 3.9kmphr when we were moving. Total ascent over 500m, though we never really got much over the 200m mark - it was hilly.

I'll post the animal photos and others to Facebook when I get reception again...

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