Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rest day? Sure felt like it!

I made a little mistake in my last blog entry and told a little fiib on our Facebook page. I thought we were scheduled to ride 191/kms to Norseman today, and the forecast was for rain, storms and lightning... with tailwind. This was wrong, both destination and forecast. The set schedule had us visit the Fraser Range free range sheep Station, a couple of kilometers off the road 90 kilometers up the Fraser range (400m).

Due to knobbly knees and barely recovered from yesterday's big ride we didn't get moving till a very leisurely 9am. We split the ride between two batteries and easily rode up the Fraser range foothills and up to Newman's Rock. The sign into the dirt road leading to it was gone but we all managed to find it. No explanation on its significance, but it seemed like a large flat rock overlooking the Western Woodlands that we had come up from. Run a Wiki search later :)

And before you know it we got to the turnoff for the Fraser Range Station, two kilometers of nicely corrugated dirt road which made Jo smile, saying she had never come this way before. Not sure what she meant as I had never been here either.

Turns out it is a bit of a tourist attraction, with a kitchen cooking meals for us, station tours, a range of accommodation options AND we got a water connection for the caravan!  Friendly busy staff wondering around the beautiful Bougainvillea  gardens (followed by bleating lambs) and farm artifacts (some of which I recognized...).

Apparently there is beer with dinner at reasonable prices ($4 apparently), so we are enjoying the afternoon off and will have the station dinner for a treat. We have run out of fresh stiff as the quarantine station was many days ago.

PS. You want to know the little fib I wrote on Facebook? Since its April Fool's Day I said we cycled overnight through rain and lighting to Albany and are starting the Bibbulmuntrack tomorrow. Some people fell for it...

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