Monday, April 20, 2015

Boat Harbour Hut

It seems we are E2E SN hikers on the trail. End to end from South to North. We were warned by the veterans last night that today's 21km would be a fair effort. And so it was. Plenty of beach walking, a bunch of what we believe to be copperhead snakes slithering out of our way. Up and down many soft sandy paths. The last beach we even took our shoes off and waded through the surf. I classified that as my weekly wash.

We ran into Boobialla from Brisbane with her man. She is a Hash House Harrier originally from Chardonnay Hash in Hobart! The two had met at Hobart Interhash in 2000 (?). Small world. We recognized the t-shirts. I am walking in my Launy Hash shorts every day.  

Along the beaches we ran into a bunch of friendly people, some with dogs, some with surfing kids, some fishing...and some volunteers cleaning campsite BBQs... So many nice people in this world.

All beaches we came past had 4WD access and hence all beaches had lots if tyre tracks. Near the Parry Beach campsite we saw dozens and dozens of cars on the beach with mostly surfers and fishermen. One point we saw a dozen big salmon washed up dead in the sand :( What's the story there??

At the Boar Harbour hut we found Greg from Adelaide and two French Canadian young hikers, Rafael and Mathilda. All heading South. Only Greg in the hut with us, in his mozzyproof tent, the others cozily sharing a tent outside!

Tomorrow we rendezvous with Eleanor!!! And tomorrow we have to row a boar across a small inlet, unless we choose the Beach option. Anyways, 703pm here at Boat Harbour Hut in WA, everyone asleep, bedtime!

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