Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Time flies, and we only have three cycling days left before Jo leaves UA and Marilyn and I start hiking the Bibbulmun track... We had a large day ahead of us and tried to leave early. But as we said our goodbyes to the friendly Bathers Paradise Caravan Park staff and residents one noted that Marilyn's bike had a flat. That's right folks, first flat marked the end of our Adelaide rest day, and now our second flat was times with the end of our Esperance rest day. Convenient to fix at the caravan park. I made sure the patch was on the puncture and we took off after also helping Jo get the caravan hooked up.
Marilyn and I rode the first 70+ kilometers and ran into an abandoned and lost little lamb. We called into the nearby farmhouses and reported it. Sad to see a bleating lost lamb.
The wind was blowing strongly in our favour which was fortunate as we had 189 kilometers across hilly terrain. In fact my GPS noted we had a grand total ascend of over 1000m today. We flew down the hills but also flew up them with electric assist and a 20kmph wind behind us.
Along the way we gave an enthusiastic man a go at the Aseako bike and he had the hugest grin on his face and did two laps around us. Jo had given him full power assist :)
We spotted some emus, life kangaroos and a couple of black eagles today and arrived at 6pm just when it started getting too dark to ride.
Tomorrow a small 116km ride and Wednesday after a 179km ride we arrive into Albany about 4pm I'd say!! May need to make a caravan booking!

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