Monday, April 13, 2015

Torbay Hut

Day three on the Bibbulmun track for us! Had a stormy night, and heard the toilet door near the camp shaking. Toilets on the trail are provided by individual donors who are noted on the toilet doors, Mutton Bird's was donated by the canberra bush walkers. We comfortably covered 14.1kms today, slightly missed the track due to an invite by a rogue camper Mike who made us espresso coffee and kept us entertained for an hour :) Walked through numerous spiderwebs again, saw no snakes, had about 4kms of beach walking, saw a bunch of people but no other hikers yet. Found one drowned kangaroo. We have passed all the wind turbines too, and there are slowly disappearing in the horizon behind us. Scattered rains are following us but they did provide a nice rainbow for us. Still wearing the same cotton T-shirt.... New five finger sticks every day!

Funny thing today was we gave a little zip lock bag if garbage to a kind man with a vehicle. A kilometer later we saw our first public bin. Could have kept our precious zip lock bag lol. Actually we have a few as the dehydrated meals we brought all come in two of them....

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