Monday, April 13, 2015

Muttonbird Hut

Seasoned hikers we are, we fell asleep by 7pm and reappeared about 730am ready for the day. Shortly after 10am we (I!) Had our act together and left the Sandpatch campsite. No rush, only 12.7kms today.

Still sore from the previous day we were not bothered by any delays ír excuses to slow down or take packs off. So we stopped to put raincoats on, take them off, on again, people walking their dog, an Indian group of tourists whom we were totally invisible to it seemed, we walked through many spiderwebs and saw lits of ants, one flew into my face somehow and bit me under my eye! Bit sore at the time but long gone now.
Got to the Muttonbird hut absolutely done for. Carrying our backpacks 12.7kms at 4kmphr on fairly level ground should not be this hard. We will slowly beef up the distances as we gain fitness and eat food from our pack.

I did a recount of gas canisters and discovered I don't have a spare one, I have a spare two... No wonder my pack is sooo heavy.

Dark at 6pm here... Sun up at about 630am. Catching up on beauty sleep!

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