Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rest day at Esperance

 Today was our second rest day of the trip. We left the caravan at the Bathers Paradise camp ground in Esperance whilst we drove the car to Cape Le Grand National Park. It was cold and windy really, so the drive and the scenes were really nice without having to spend too much time in the elements! Tomorrow we'll be in the elements no doubt when we cycle one of our hardest days of the ride perhaps.... We were most impressed with Frenchman's Peak which has a natural bridge on top through which you can see the sky as you drive by. We loved the few kangaroos on Lucky Beach, the white sand, the rocks at Hellfire Bay, and before returning to camp we walked the pier of Esperance which is due for destruction in the next few years... Noodle Marinara was cooked by our latest besties Luigi and Denise, and we brought along a bottle of Tasmanian Jansz Champagne

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