Friday, April 24, 2015

Tingle trees and Giant campground

After an eventful night with mice we headed off at 8am for our 18km hike away from the coast. 

But let's talk mice...
We noticed a curious mouse sizing up the situation within minutes of arriving at the Rames Head hut. Even saw two mice scurrying from my backpack pocket duting briad daylight. Fantastic views over the ocean incidentally.

Before bed we hung up our bags on the steel rods in the ceiling and put most our food in the plastic containers provided. We went to bed and I felt mice running over me (at least three times over my head). At midnight after Marilyn had been watching half a dozen mice do acrobats hanging off the hanging backpacks and hanging food bags I got up to take preventative action. A frog was sitting guard next to my bed (they live around the rainwater tank). A pee, a muesli bar and a salami stick with my midnight antibiotic gave me the idea to squash the hanging food bags into the plastic containers and throw the mice a bribe. A good size of mountain bread seemed to feed the resident  rodents  and they didn't bother us for the rest of the night.

Anyways, we headed off. On Conspicuous Beach, the last beach for today we met Russell and his folks fishing the surf. We watched him land a salmon and he offered it to us. A 4kg fish was not viable for us and he released it. But we did get three fillets from his last fish to take with us!

Soon we headed up and up and up and the landscape changed from black boys and heath to flowering red gums and in the end Tingle and Karri trees. We headed up a big hill and arrived at the Giants campsite (read hut and tent spots).

Kerry and Terry hiking in the opposite direction also arrived and we had a pleasant afternoon at the hut. The fish was cooked and mixed in with Lamb Fetecini making it an interesting and nutritious dinner for tonight. We are about to eat :)

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