Sunday, April 12, 2015

Earlybirds get the Rain

Can't rely on anything these days. We planned to start the Bib hike on Sunday, secretly do the first five kilometers on Friday... and Saturday we went stir crazy in the rain and thought we could hike out to a halfway point!

And so we left the caravan a day early in the trustful hands of Jo at the Lilacs Cottages in Albany and headed out for our first sub 10km hike!

Last night Marilyn and I  ended up at Sandpatch hut in the rain and ate our first dehydrated meal (thanks Ree!). The packs felt awfully heavy and we were glad not to have to walk too far as our bodies get adjusted to hiking.

Thursday we will arrive at Ocean Beach caravan park in Denmark, Friday will be a restsday and Saturday we will hike in the direction of Walpole. 

ANY VOLUNTEERS ABLE TO DRIVE OUR CARAVAN/CAR TO WALPOLE?? If you are able to help on this leg please SMS Walter on 0417-067460. Phone reception is sketchy on the Bibbulmun but we'll ring you back :)
Up and at them!

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