Saturday, April 25, 2015


Today we were banking on cappuccino in a cafe at the commercial Giants Treetop walk, where they have built large walkways in the tree canopies of the Tingle forest. So after breakfast in the Giants hut with Kerry and Terry we headed off for the half hour walk to the cafe.

Turned out the café was a coffee machine and the iced coffee came from the same fridge as the soft drinks etc. Delicious none the less! Marilyn and Eleanor did the tree walk while I used a scant phone signal to call Ree at home. The internet didn't even sent my important email nor post my blogs :( that'll have to wait till we get proper reception again.

Lovely walk along an undulating terrain, lunch in a brook, walked along Brainy Cutoff road and down to Frankland River. Crossed the river at a closed bridge and technically followed the river to the Frankland River hut. There we met veteran E2Ex4+ Kim from Perth. He's just out on a wander, roughly heading towards Denmark but in no particular hurry.

Eleanor attempted a river wash, I discovered my tentative dates on the schedule are terribly out as I forgot to add a day to the schedule for rest days... See how say Pemberton arrival date for instance is the same as the rest day... Will have to revise that SOON, as soon as I get internet and time.

Anyways, tomorrow we will find the caravan in Walpole and restock! The next day we will drive past the closed/burned and burning (apparently control burns) sections.

Photos will appear on Facebook when we have internet access.

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