Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nullaki Hut on the Bib

No phone signal at all last night at the West Cape Howe Hut. I stood on the various picnic tables and Marilyn even climbed up to an adjoining lookout. We slept for our usual 12hrs with mozzies buzzing me night and day (Jo had even offered me her mozzy hat head protector before she left last week and which i refused...).

Left around 9am for what turned out to be a 17.7km walk to the Nullaki Hut. Marilyn saw a black snake slither out of our path before noon, our first sighting!

Though it looked like it was mostly downhill it certainly wasn't and we walked at only a casual pace of 3.8kmphr. Nice day today, ants out in full force, overcast with some sun thrown in, nice views... Plenty of breaks, even made some soup for lunch.

When we arrived at Nullaki about 3pm we found phone reception! Bonus! Made contact and finalised arrangements with Eleanor who is joining us for a week later on. Tomorrow we are crossing a seasonal sandbar to Denmark. Let's hope we won't need to swim! But we should find our caravan at the Great Ocean Beach caravan park waiting for us!!! We are due a restday if we get across the Wilson Inlet tomorrow.

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