Monday, April 27, 2015

Great day, good company, and steak!...

Re-stocked and a little rested, away we drove from Walpole to Northcliffe on Anzac Day to rejoin the track... Past the blackened forests and into the sanctuary of Roundtu-it Eco caravan park with western grey kangaroos, 28's (parrots), bronzed winged pigeons, alpacas, rabbits and importantly, no mice and a glorious hot shower. Marilyn cooked a very nice (vegetarian even!) Mexican meal for dinner to boot!

Up early to see the roo's get some 'skippy feed' we soon set off for campsite Schafer in the North escorted, no less, by Sam the resident dog to where the trail picked up. Beautiful day, lots of sunshine, greener pastures, cattle, emus in the distance, black cockatoos, another set of unidentifiable animal prints and a footwear swap for Walter (unbelievably he's now hiking in those toe shoes!!).

Only a 12 or so km day saw us into camp early for lunch at 1pm, and we waited for wally's mate Chris from Perth to join us for dinner with steak and bourbon (Dahl for me tonight...)! Of course Walter predicted his arrival time within 4 mins. He will sleep the night after kindly moving the caravan to Pemberton and hiking 5kms in to meet us.

I couldn't resist a swim in the chilly dam then starting a fire with embers to warm up again. The sun still shines, the birds are chirping. It's a beautiful day...

El, your guest blogger.

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