Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big Tingle Trees...

From the Frankland River it was only a skip and a jump (of 16.1km...) to the caravan which we were to meet at Walpole. The caravan park was actually at Coalmine Beach just before it.

We walked past the Giant Tingle tree with a deck around it to protect its roots from trampling tourists. Decades ago people parked their car inside for photos...

All sorts of strange mushrooms are now growing on the track too. At the last view point where we had lunch only 5km from the end a friendly Canberra couple offered to take our packs down and I had to give it some serous thought before coming to my senses :)

Our caravan had not quite made it yet when we arrived, but arrived soon after. Mike the manager at the Coalmine Beach caravan park was very sympathetic to our cause and gave us a favorable rate and a huge space for the caravan where we didn't have to unhook it from the car (we like that!).

Walpole Town centre was not far away, and we walked the 3-4kms along the Bib track to the local pub for a beer and a meal. Sure enough we meet the managers of the competing campground in town :) - also very nice people. When we left the pub we were told the police were on the lookout for us and would pick us up if they saw us walking home along the dark highway. A ute with a friendly couple beat them to it.

A comfy sleep in the caravan and Eleanor was stowed away in her MSR tent as per usual :), Laundry today and a relocation to Northcliffe.

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