Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time flies when having fun

The last two days of hiking with Eleanor flew past. Good tracks, good company and slightly challenging distances - over 20kms :)

Schaffer hut was T-Bone with Chris, and Warren hut had a wonderful view (despite backburning smoke in the air). At Warren hut we shared the space with Zoe and Jill - hiking buddies/relatives who had just returned from a South American adventure. They made delicious food complete with freshly chopped up lime rind.

Walking to Pemberton twenty minutes behind Zoe and Jill we could see where they stepped in poo, and when we hit spiderwebs on the track we knew we were off track. Managed to get off track twice in fact and somehow shortcut 250 meters through one error. Muesli bars at a paddock with cows and emus in the distance. We thought of having lunch at 'The Cascades' but it was off the track and no distance was mentioned so we cooked our cupasoup  on the track. Today was meant to be a 24km hike already so detours were not attractive :)

Next we hiked up a big hill and arrived at the Gloucester Tree where we were greeted with smoke and flames. Fortunately they were controlled back burns with a few firies in attendance. I had been here years ago with Ree and my mother and had climbed the 53m to the top then. So as it was mum's birthday i called her up and took photos of Marilyn and Eleanor climbing up the tree - more photos on facebook!

Zoe and Jill showed up again at the tree, they had lunched at the Cascades (we should've done that!). We skipped down to Pemberton, found our caravan at the lovely Pemberton Caravan Park where we were welcomed with two complimentary night stays in a cabin!! Big thank you to the campground for keeping our caravan plugged in all weekend and being so generous by giving us a complimentary cabin!

Pub dinner and a soft bed! We moved the caravan next to the cabin for convenience and are now ready for a rest day. Eleanor is bussing out to Busselton at 6am, we are very sorry to see her go. Looking forward to others joining us down the track!
First time at night we had TV news (and awful the news was too) and first time in months I slept without my sleeping bag!

Now we need to resupply and get ready for five long walking days (incl. one 25+). AND we still need to find someone to help us move the caravan from Pemberton to Donnelly River! HELP :)

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