Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday

Well here we are, Salmon Gums Community Caravan Park. Marilyn and i ride 50kms through rain to Dundas Rocks, and Jo the second half. The last few days have been tossups between 100 or 200km days, and we wisely choose the 100km options. Today however we perhaps wished we had chosen the 200 (make that 210km) option as it is a lovely day and it was mostly downhill/wind. Instead we ended up at this friendly campground where we thought we'd spend Good Friday with a pub meal if the hotel was open at night. Not only is it closed tonight, it looks like there is no alcohol available in this little town at all! We did spot a presidential caravan which dwarfed Jo. I'm sure they had a keg on tap...

On the way we stopped for a stranded car with kiwis who had a cracked radiator. My Aldiphone was out of range but Jo came to the rescue for them. Glad we could help.

Tomorrow we go into Esperance (110kns away downhill) for the Easter weekend and we had booked it quite a few days ago which wasn't quite early enough to book the Easter weekend at Bathers Paradise  Caravan Park, our chosen destination because Luigi & Co (friends from the Nullarbor) . Fortunately we lucked out and got a cancelation in the end, but the chances of barging in unexpected on Good Friday, a day early, was going to be out of the question. Hence Salmon Gums is good for Good Friday.

Fortunately the people at the campground are all friendly and we found an adventurous man (Colin) who had a go on one of our Aseako bicycles! No one so far has been game to have a go. Kudos to Colin  :). The camp warden even supplied us with some wine, and told us the pub is often closed anyways, and Good Friday may not have had much to do with it not being open tonight.

Incidentally the last bought meal we had planned at Fraser Range sheep station was aborted as it was too late for us and we had cooked, eaten, and fallen over well before the station meal was served. Our body clocks may still be on eastern summer time...!

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