Monday, March 23, 2015

Massive day down the Birdseye Highway

Massive day today. 168kms in 7.5 hours riding time... We cycled the Birdseye Hwy battling a cold wind and drizzle. Still we managed to get to Elliston SA by 645pm. Our Aseako electric bikes maintained an average speed of over 22kmphr which I know is about 15kmphr faster then if we were paddling unassisted! Thank you ProElectric for providing these great bikes!

Again a SPECIAL THANK YOU also to Leonie and Burnie Print for printing our information leaflets and Gray Hodge from Cam River for our signwriting! Without that we wouldn't get half the attention, donations and the occasionally discounts here and there. People approach us with personal CF stories because they see our CF signwriting.

Also again, an extra thank you to City of Devonport Lions, Burnie Hash and the Devonport Fire Station for helping pay our diesel bills! Having the support vehicle is a total luxury! We wouldn't have this caravan if it wasn't for Eric and Marilyn, who also deserve an extra special mention. But seriously, we are getting so much support both financial and in kind we feel very honored to have so many people acknowledge what we do for #CysticFibrosis.

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