Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A turbulent day...

Yesterday we saw two emus running oanick stricken through the shrubs. But today it was our turn....

Today was an eventful day compared to all the smooth sailing of the past week! First of all the wind was blowing a gale against us. We just made it to the Wellington Ferry across the Murray on one battery, but with this wind knew that cycling up into the hills was going to be a little ambitious. An impromptu lunch was had at the Courthouse Cafe at the ferry and was kindly paid for by my Mother! Thank you ma!

Before leaving i dumped all my excess weight, including my raincoat, and we headed into the gale towards Strathalbyne. We got blown off the road by a big truck, which was an eye opener for Jo. I was quietly thinking about the B-Doubles on the Nullarbor... The wind alone was blowing me into the gravel regularly too without the help if trucks. It was very windy. Without the Aseako electric bikes we would not have made it very far in this wind, but with battery assist we could move along nicely till we hit the vineyards. .. There we decided the batteries needed changing as we didn't think they'd get us to Strath, they would if we were conserving power a bit, but heck it was REALLY WINDY and the vineyard was very inviting.

When we called Marilyn and Leonie it turned out they had a 'situation', ; at the tourist info they had swiped a little pole past the caravan, ripping important bits off. Eventually all was sorted, they made it to the vineyard, and we all bought soothing alcohol. . before leaving for Strath. I made sure I checked my Blood Alcohol Level with my breathaliser which of course I carry with me.... Jo and I left on bike into the formidable winds and with 10kms to go the clouds opened up. I had no rain jacket of course and my breathaliser didn't keep me dry. Jo put on her jacket.

The campsite at Strathalbyne was incredibly friendly, with the Manager looking at our broken bits and giving us back our camping fee (!) and quietly told me I deserved a medal just for traveling with three women. Even the lady from the tourist info came over to see if we were ok apparently! She had also offered to drive batteries out to us when we made our distress call during their 'situation'... Though Strathalbyne is known for its antique shops and Marilyn was keen to check it out, we didn't get a chance.

Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow we ride up into the hills towards Meadows and down into Adelaide! We hope to get to the Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park about 5pm. Planning a rest day! http://ift.tt/1EmspkQ


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