Thursday, March 5, 2015

D-Day close now

Things certainly are shaping up now! The team has been packing frantically for weeks now, reaching a virtual crescendo. Last minute sponsors have come on board such as the Solar Panels from PowerCom Solar.

Burnie Hash House Harriers presented us with A TV Cheque for $500 which will ensure we have enough diesel for the truck to get us out of town and probably most of the way into WA!

Graham at Cam River Signs offered to do the SignWriting for us, ensuring we will be seen and recognised! Graham and his wife are keen cyclists and would've loved to have joined us. Instead just their logo will cross the Nullarbor on our caravan complete with our messages.

In the mean time Jo has brought her bicycle to the bike shop to get us spares and ensure her bike is set up as good as can be! All bikes now have Schwalbe Marathon tyres on them, a front basket, a rear rack and some panniers. Chains have been lubed, and two new puncture repair kits for each bike which according to the Umbrella Rule means we won't get to use them... My bet is, by Murphies Law, one flat tyre on the entire trip...

Leonie has been test riding her bike regularly to ensure she has the required fitness to pedal to Adelaide with us. Below she is pictured with me in front of the Spirit of Tasmania which will sail us to Melbourne next Sunday Night!

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