Friday, March 20, 2015

First flat!

First flat tyre! Before leaving the campground in Adelaide we discovered Jo had a flat tyre! We had a pool to dunk the wheel in and a bucket to locate the puncture and a green lawn to do it all on! Perfect.

Andrew Rutherford came to meet me last minute with a rushed over parcel which contained a new bracket for the GPS... and then Jo drove the caravan SOLO out of town (following Geoff in his  van!)

Marilyn joined me on my off road expedition out of town. Dirt roads and cycle paths, u-turns and open gates.

Today's goal was Port Wakefield, and the wind was blowing in the right direction! 117kms at an amazing average of 26kmlhr saw us arrive about beer o'clock at a friendly caravan park.

ProElectrics has also kindly provided extra battery chargers so all can charge at once which amazingly still only draws about 500Watts of power. Not bad.

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