Friday, March 27, 2015

Being Grateful

Sitting here without internet and phone gives us time to talk and think. Made me realize how lucky I am to be healthy enough to cycle all this way, cycle each day. To have medicine that stays cool thanks to the solar panels provided by Tristan from PowerCom and enough medicine thanks to Ree's help in making sure I counted everything twice before leaving home :) .... Actually special thanks to Ree for being there on the phone to me each day and worrying about us, sending us the reflective vests which we wear each day, and nibbles and sweets. Actually we also got a care package from Mark and Karina in Adelaide which we are still enjoying too.... All these people that stand behind us, message us, help us, really motivate and encourage us, especially when we are tired and hungry at times.

And I must mention the special email the team received from one of my besties from the past. Here it is;

Dearest Heroines and Heros,

Well done! I'm really enjoying following your journey. Over the border already. Wow! Yes Jo Jo, the body is an amazing thing with a few hundred million years R&D.

Sorry if this is TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but I'll share anyway. It seems saddle/bum soreness is a major point of discussion among you all. Saddle soreness is serious, especially for new riders, and could end your enjoyment or even your ability to ride. As a former bicycle rider/courier (inspired by living with Walter and my darling wife Noni) who averaged around 1000km per week at times may I suggest some prophylaxis? 1. Always wear clean knicks with a padded gusset. 2. Daily apply either isopropyl alcohol or even meths to a tissue and dab and rub it over the affected area (i.e. your arse, perineum, ball sack if applicable etc). This may bring a few tears to the eyes at first but it helps toughen up the surface skin in your nethers and reduces their chafing. 3. Daily before riding apply some anti-chafing gel, the best use silicone but vaseline will to. Reapply pnr. 4. Thrush or jock itch can also be a problem and is best dealt with using canesten liquid following the alcohol. 5. A snifter of some regionally appropriate booze will also help reconcile yourself to the madness of your Quixotic adventure.

Whether you self administer these procedures, or have someone else do it for you it total up to you.  

Again, I hope this personal and detailed message aint breached too many social taboos, but I'd hate for any of you to have to pull out of the trip due to some misapplied friction.

Kind regards,
Jeff Keys

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