Thursday, March 19, 2015

Up and Down the Adelaide Hills into Adelaide!

Wow, what a cool day we had yesterday. We rode across the Adelaide Hills, stopped at the Meadows bakery where we saw a flyer for Macie's Ride for Cystic Fibrosis! Macie is a two-year old from Meadows, and I called up and touched base with Macie's mum! I trust with today's advances Macie will also easily live to be 50!

Batteries on the Aseako bikes performed great across the Adelaide Hills, and when we raced down into Adelaide we reached a maximum of 67kmphr. After 25kmphr all you have to propel us forward is gravity, and there was lots of it flying down the big hills! With only 72 kilometers clocked for the day it was a relatively easy ride, despite the Adelaide Hills! Jo and I stopped in Glenelg for a beer and snack before continuing to the caravan park to meet the Caravan which had driven past Dario Caravans & Repairs where they received parts for our caravan to fix the damage to our awning attachments. Big thank you to them and Jo's friends Colin and Geoff who are working away to get the caravan back into shape.


We had a special dinner at a Grange cafe nearby, with Aseako's representative Jasmine Yow, and all our friends from Adelaide who could make it! It was also Leonie's farewell, and she left us with a furry proxy demi-god named Eweturn in her honour. Today is a restday! Tomorrow we head North out of Adelaide...

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