Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ferry across Spencers Gulf

Last night was Friday night. Jo thought we'd have to at least find the local pub in Port Wakefield... We ended up in the local pub doing karaoke. We were the only ones :) apart from Donna the hotelier and the entertaining DJ.

So Saturday morning started with re-patching Jo's tyre, this time sticking the patch more on the puncture rather then sort of on it....

 I lost my left glove after morning tea in the caravan but Joe found it an hour later Velcro'd to her tutu... We then made our way to the ferry at Wallaroo to cross Spencers Gulf. The ferry has not been running for months apparently and is not likely to run for another 6 months. We wouldn't let this spoil our fun. We settled info a nearby cafĂ© and had lunch before making our way to the ferry and securing our bicycles in the caravan for the journey to Lucky Bay.

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