Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coughing Furballs

Coughing4CF team member Jo came up with an appropriate meaning of CF: Coughing Furballs.
When riding with me she's been counting trucks and my coughing and spitting. Turns out my coughing outnumbers the trucks by a mere factor of six..

All the continuous aerobic exercise on the Aseako Electric Bike keeps my lungs nice and clear from the mucous that is continuously produced by my infected lungs. 

Antibiotics don't clear it up, but exercise always maintains my lungs. Obviously I'm over doing it a little right now. Or am I? 

At home I do one hour of intense aerobic exercise and perhaps two or three small 10-20 min commutes on the bicycle around town. OK that doesn't compare with 5-7 hours riding the Nullarbor...

Everyday, I take vitamin supplements and prescribed drugs. One of the prescribed drugs I get is SALT. I take salt tablets with all my meals. They hurt your stomach if you take them without food. 

People with CF have a five times higher than normal salt content in their sweat. In fact the salt/sweat test  is a definitive test for cystic fibrosis! An old English proverb even mentioned something about if your baby tastes salty it is doomed.
So there you go. Little bit of education for those new to cystic fibrosis.

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