Monday, November 15, 2010

World Peace and Random acts of Kindness

A day of well deserved rest was had, and a lovely woman overheard me having a small whinge about some personal issues on the phone to someone and approached Ree later on in the evening and said she wanted to give me these beautiful Peek-A-Boo handcrafted turtle cufflinks which she makes herself which symbolize good luck and longevity. What a lovely random act of kindness!

Today we had a look at the Gippsland Plains RailTrail. It is not quite finished yet but the first part was great. The rest kind of needed a mountain bike. As we had a good headwind we ended up riding on the adjacent road. Ree got lunch ready for us which was a great luxury. We had a wheel fall off Hans's trailer this morning, which for me is not an unusual event. I've had a bicycle wheel fall of after I had the bike in for service myself, had a car wheel fall off my car after getting wheels fitted once, saw a wheel fall off a boat trailer once, had a wheel rolling into me in Moscow whilst waiting for a bus and had a random rolling wheel run into my car in Canberra whilst driving on a main road. So a trailer wheel was nothing to me.

Today we also had gas bottle fires from discounted Kmart gas bottles and we ran into the Sri Chimoy World Peace running relay team - I held the flame and made a globally beneficial wish (to make CF stand for Cure Found!).

To top off a long day of riding (we didn't get into camp till 6pm) we were welcomed with a complimentary campspot in the luxurious Traralgon Park Lane Tourist Park where Ree was busy preparing gourmet carboloading spaghetti Bolognaise.

Tomorrow we are riding on the M1 for a day of quick riding towards the Western Port.

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connie said...

GREAT! Keep going!

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