Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Safely back home I can now do my sums. Every day I tried to record the daily high and average and maximum speeds. I rode for 27 days, an average of 52 kilometers per day and covered 1370 kilometers.

The money spent on the trip was approximately $65 per day including repairs, preparations including some bicycle gear and the boat home for me. It did not include the airfare to Canberra which was done using frequent flier points. Total amount spent was $1797, and was much more than I had imagined, but realistically this is not bad. Don't forget that in many small places where we stopped the vegetable range in the shop was limited to onions and tomatoes and there always seemed to be a pub available with hot meals which always ended up averaging $35 per person for dinner. Even doing a quick BBQ was an expensive operation as we couldn't carry many of the basics and had to buy the whole kit and caboodle each time. I did safe a lot of money by carrying home meals which I had dehydrated before leaving. I carried about 10 meals for us both, which saved us significantly and provided wonderful meals.

Cycling from Sydney to Melbourne was easy for navigation, plenty of signs and good free tourist maps. There was a wonderful free tourist publication specifically available for driving from Sydney to Melbourne along the Pacific Highway, and there was phone coverage pretty much the whole way.

I used the iPhone maps to find my way and choose routes and calculate distances. It made it a lot easier. Looking for a campground was as easy as typing the word on the map and the icons would appear on the screen, and a click later you could call their phone number.

Blog was kept up to date via the iPhone as well, and all the photos I took I took with the iPhone. I used the iPhone to post the photos on FaceBook (become my friend to see them). The $400 cap and the 500MB data limit was enough to see me through.

When Ree came with the support vehicle we used Google Latitude to see where we both were, and occasionally emailed positions to each other. The photos I made with the phone were also geotagged so I could see where I took them. Technology was wonderful. And did I run out of batteries for the phone or find it a problem to leave it plugged in to charge in a public place? No worries there, I had an external battery charging cover. It carried a full charge for the phone and all you had to do  is use it as a phone cover and it would charge the phone. The charger itself did not have a phone and was not terribly valuable or likely to get pinched.

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