Friday, November 5, 2010

Eden and Merimbula

The wildlife here along the coast is lovely. A few days ago two kangaroos were hopping along with me in the paddocks, jumping over the tallest fences, before dangerously hopping across the highway. Yesterday we saw lots of Rozellas, a bunch of echidnas, and we saw some wonderful rock orchids in flower too.

We are getting media attention here and will star in the local paper as well as in the radio. The journalist that took the above photo came to see us at the campground.

In Eden at the campground, where we just arrived, the lady put my big medicine bag in the fridge. The office is closed from 6pm-830am which means I am hoping for a cool night as I will put it in my tent at 6pm. Campsite fridges are pretty important for most campers. Time to check out the famous Eden whale museum.

Tomorrow we really will cycle into Victoria!

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