Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Power to the People

This morning Hans departed towards the Strzelecki Range and left me and Ree to head towards the Mornington Peninsula. Headwind was today's theme it seemed.

The iPhone directed me up a farmers yard, and I had to bravely travel on the M1 Pacific Highway shoulder for almost 10kms towards Warragul. Ree followed the bicycle route to Warragul using her TomTom and had no hiccups. I did find a geocache on my route, an Aldi store and the haunted hills of Moe which I climbed up on, all the way to the Moe graveyard, before descending into Moe for lunch.

I can tell Melbourne is nigh not only by the traffic volume but also by the big power stations of the Latrobe Valley - one being the Hazelwood brown coal plant which was to be decommissioned many years ago, but is still going strong. It was built in the 1960s and is alleged to be the most polluting power-station in the western world according to www.aboutcarbon.com.au/fossil-fuels/hazelwood

The Latrobe Valley is a coal rich area and generates 85% of Victoria's energy needs.

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