Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dangers of traveling

Picture of me having a neb treatment in the tent.

We left the campground at Tathra, and as per habit bought a loaf of bread. As I usually do I stuck it under the rain cover of my panniers where it doesn't get squashed. However, when belting down a hill at high speed it slipped down and somehow managed to get the raincover and the loaf itself jammed up into my wheel, under the mudguard and bending it right up. The bicycle skidded from 70 to 0 in one very scary minute!

Just shows you that the challenges of traveling are more likely related to the activities you do.

Perhaps it is my inattention to detail that caused this. In the morning I even had trouble unscrewing the lid of my fuel bottle and then screwing in the pump straight. Hans was watching me fumble with frustration and took over - and immediately took the opportunity to teach me how to screw tops on bottles correctly. Mornings are just hard for me when my body operates on low oxygen levels, or whatever it is that causes me to not perform simple tasks.

Having a rest day in Merimbula! Repair damage and re-supply. Mum Connie and good family friends are here and are treating us like royalty!

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