Monday, November 1, 2010

Well deserved seafood platter

Cycling for weeks and weeks is really like being in a campervan for weeks and weeks. Retired people do it in droves, complete with all their medicine and medical equipment. I am no different. Enjoying every day, taking it relatively easy Stopping every 100m up the hills to let my oxygen levels come up, and not pushing it too hard.

Today I woke up with a spider in my towel who fought hard to maintain his claim to it. I won, and the spider had to retreat in the tree.

It was a big day for us today and we rode 75 kilometers or more to Bermagui. Hans got swooped badly (3-4 times) by a magpie who decided he was a threat to his territory. In Sydney I got attacked too. Courageous all there creatures taking on us humans.

We saw two road cyclists with support vehicles ridge for a cause of sorts in the opposite direction. We all waved at each other enthusiastically for the three seconds of being within sight.

We rode till 6pm an found the camp office closed already. The pub was open and the bistro they made us the biggest seafood platter ever. We ate it all. Sugar levels are still way too high despite insulin. I never had a meal like that I guess and will take more insulin next time I pig out like that!

Raining steadily and the tent is dripping inside. Big day again tomorrow. We want to get to Merimbula where my mother might visit. I need to sleep!

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Category 3 Design said...

Good on you Walter, did you stop to bet on the Cup?

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