Thursday, November 11, 2010

East Gippsland Rail Trail

Old Tressel bridge on the East Gippsland Railtrail
Today we had the most wonderful day. We woke up in Nowa Nowa and leisurely left at about 10am on the East Gippsland Railtrail. As I had mixed up some of my medications I took a Fluimicil, an effervescent mucolutic (acetyl cysteine?) which is not for sale in Australia in that form but is for sale everywhere else in the world! It helps me greatly to clear my lungs when doing exercise.
All on our own on the gravel trail we passed a most magnificent historic railway bridge before reaching Bruthen. Bruthen, where we had lunch amongst the old people in caravans ad campers, is on the road to Mount Hotham where the road goes up to 1860 meters above sea-level. I am glad we didn't make a wrong turn there.

We had 60kms of blissful riding on the old transformed railway track made perfect for cycling or walking. Especially after lunch it was mostly downhill, still no people or traffic, and we got into Bairnsdale about 5pm.
Along the way today we again met many magnificent mosquitos but also a range of other much nicer wildlife. Amongst the Silver Wattle and the gum trees we saw Blue Wren, Pee Wees, Kookaburras, Crimson Rozellas, tortoises, rabbits, double winged Dragonflies, Gallahs and Cockatoos, magpies, echidnas, whip birds,... and many other birds I don't know the names of. We heard a Tawny Frogmouth too.

On arrival in Bairnsdale we raided the local Safeways Supermarket and bought about 3kg of steak for a barbie. The pharmacy sold us Bushman's insect repellant and gave me free insulin needles and then to top of this great day, at the Mitchell Gardens Holiday Park we were given free accommodation as well! We ate all the meat, plus everything else we got for the barbie! It made up for a skimpy meal I had last night.
Tomorrow we have little distance to cover as we are going to Raymond Island for a rest day.

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connie said...

Happy to read that all is going well.
Have a good restday and I hope no mozzies! You are getting close now,maybe one more week.Good luck!!!

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