Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is your poison?

Nowa Nowa campsite - a great place!
Foxes get 1080 poison I noticed along the way (see photo I put on my FaceBook page - look me up and become my friend!). My poisons, apart from the odd beer... And apart from my Keflex antibiotics, Pulmozyne, Ventolin and Seretide, ABDeck, enzymes and insulin, I also take the following: 500mg of vitamin C, salt tablets, glucosamine/chondroitin, calcium, Schuessler tissue salts and spirulina. I think that is pretty much it. At home I vary the supplements a little, and have a healthier diet! Anyways, back to the Sydney to Melbourne cycle trip:

As idyllic the campground at Marlo was, we could bot ignore the Mosquitos. Millions of them. Even in the tent. And so it came that Hans was packed up at 630am and me at 730am.  We made breakfast and left in a most efficient manner. 

We followed the Snowy River from its mouth for 15kms up to Orbost. Pie and coffee in Orbost and back on the Pacific Highway for the remainder 35kms to Nowa Nowa on the East Gippsland RailTrail which we will follow all day tomorrow! 

The campground at Nowa Nowa feels a little like paradise. Very relaxed and shall we say perhaps unconventional or a tad alternative. Very friendly management and longterm happy campers. We feel very much at ease here after being welcomed with some fresh milk and magazines of the area instead of formalities such as name, address and money please Siree.  Looking forward to the dirt track of the rail trail!

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